We develop Digital Transformation Roadmap and Strategy to implement world class solutions.


World is rapidly changing with the technology and it is important for Organizations to adapt to the dynamic market changes to keep up with the pace and improve their Service Excellence by reducing costs and time to market.

Smart Phones and Gadgets have become part of our lives and are changing the way we live, work and play. Organizations are looking for solutions in emerging technologies like Big Data, Business Analytics, Internet of Things (loT), Artificial Intelligence (Al), Cyber Security, Digital Marketing etc to transform their business to leverage on Digital Technologies.

Many SMEs in Asia Pacific region are keen to embark on their Digital Transformation journey and are looking for right partners to help them in achieving their goals.

Digital Transformation is important for the long-term success of any Organization in the current fast paced Business Environment. We are a Start-up offering innovative Deep Tech Solutions and are the trusted Partner to implement World class Solutions for various Industries.


Analytica is an initiative by Singapore based IT Professionals to help the organizations in their Digital Transformation Journey. Analytica uses an innovative Solution-as-a-Service (SolaaS) model wherein the organizations need not buy any hardware or software or engage consultants. Analytica will analyse the organizations requirements, generate insights and develop the predictive analytics reports and host them on its server. Organizations can simply log in to Analytica's system and start using the Dashboard Reports for a reasonable monthly cost.

Solution-as-a-Service is truly a revolutionary model, poised to change how businesses manage their IT needs.

Our Approach

We offer free Webinars on Digital Transformation to Key management personnel to provide the overview of Deep Tech areas and how best Organizations can benefit by using these latest Technologies. If the Organizations are keen to adopt Deep Tech, We will develop the Digital Transformation Roadmap and Strategy to implement world class solutions.

Digital Transformation Road Map

The roadmap begins with an assessment of the digital maturity of the business today (As-Is), and moves on to define the future vision (To-Be). Once the assessment and vision are completed, then we can identify the gaps that needs to be filled. Then those steps can be built into the roadmap. We do a Digital Readiness survey in the Organization by looking at the existing process and interviewing Directors & key functional managers and develop the Organizational Digital Transformation Roadmap, which will give an outline on how the Organization should proceed with their Digital Transformation journey with Timelines and Costs for the proposed projects.


Value for our Customers:

Value for our Customers

End - to - End Solution Management

Reduce Risk

Strong Compliance

Lower Cost & More Profit

More Profit Organizations Only pay for exact Analytics Solutions they need.

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