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Advance your Skills and Knowledge by building your future in Deep Tech – Analytics, IoT & AI.

Problem Statement

It is practically difficult for organizations to understand the fast changing technologies and how best they can be used in their organizations. It is hard to get the right skilled consultants to guide them on Digital Transformation and SMEs may not be in a position to buy expensive hardware and software.


Analytica is an initiative by Singapore based IT Professionals to help the organizations in their Digital Transformation Journey. Analytica uses an innovative Solution-as-a-Service (SolaaS) model wherein the organizations need not buy any hardware or software or engage consultants. Analytica will analyze the organizations requirements, generate insights and develop the predictive analytics reports and host them on its server. Organizations can simply log in to Analytica's system and start using the Dashboard Reports for a reasonable monthly cost.
Solution-as-a-Service is truly a revolutionary model, poised to change how businesses manage their IT needs.


Value for our Customers:

*End - to - End solution management
* Reduce Risk
* Strong Compliance
* Lower Cost
* More Profit

Organizations only pay for exact Analytics Solutions they need.

Cost Effective

With Analytica's Solution-as-a-Service, Organizations pay an affordable monthly fee for the entire solution. Instead of engaging and paying multiple vendors, and also hiring the Technical experts to manage part of the solution in-house, Organizations have only one bill to pay and budget their monthly expenses - with no hidden fees or unexpected IT support charges.


The Solution-as-a-Service model mitigates the risk. It brings together people, processes, and technology to provide Organizations with world-class risk-free solutions on a long-term basis, so that business leaders can focus on critical challenges that are core to their growth mission. Rather than investing time & money into IT and having major headaches with the new technological changes & the increasingly short Tech lifecycle, Organizations can choose wisely for SoloaS model with ease and opt-out any time.


Businesses are never stagnant and the solutions they may need will change with time. Organizations can simply select the option that fits their current needs and make adjustments as per business changes. Analytica will help develop the solutions as per Organizations business growth.

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